Italy 2015


We left  Bar in May 2014 and went through Croatia to Venice all happy and then got as far as Vieste, on the East Coast of Italy. We had to pause there and think about a problem -we had a leak. Not  just an ordinary leak, but a real leak from round the rudder post. For those that really want to know, we think the Delrin bearings ( new in 2007) in which the rudder shaft runs had swollen due to being in water since then- some 7 years. I should have noticed it had got stiffer.

We decided to haul out in Manfredonia, where they have a very good travel-lift. We did so and the leak was fixed, but not before Gillie broke her ankle on a flat concrete parking area. So we had to stop and come home. Suffice it to say that she is now cleared for action and we are back on board, proceeding South. I had three months of being James and Jeeves, so this does not come too soon!

Eos, however, was tenderly cared for by Giuseppe and Emiliano, see below.

I went back in April 2015 to supervise painting etc and also the long awaited re-plumbing of the water system. This will then give us a shower on the bathing platform and hopefully an end to the leaks with the old rubber pipe. At least we have the shower.

She was well looked after by the strong team you see below who also organised most of the painting and other repairs needed to keep her in good shape.

Part of the Marina organisation, Yacht Service Marina del Gargano did a good job and can be recommended.

We started from Manfredonia at the beginning of May, going South down the East coast of Italy in easy stages.

Some were short legs, some were long legs but everything worked well as we passed Brindisi, Taranto and Crotone.

The last leg was from Rocella Ionica to Reggio di Calabria before the short journey to Bagnara, where my father won an MC. Of course, we had to explore where this was and came to the conclusion that he thoroughly deserved it. Nasty place to be shot at whilst surveying.

After Bagnara we went just a few miles back to Scilla- opposite Charybdis and spent a happy time swinging round a buoy whilst we did some work.

Peter and Bridget arrived and we toured the Aeolian islands before they continued by car round Sicily and up the mainland. We then had to wait for a bit till our family arrived for a 10 day trip, but that’s another story.

After that, we went home via Riposto and 2 days later was Alexandra’s wedding day, which was sunny and windy as Rhoscolyn normally is. The wedding was fabulous.

From the left, Emiliano, Giuseppe and Michelangelo

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