We moved house to live on the banks of the Mersey. This is not as busy as the Rhine, but it is so much fun. All the locks for the big cargo vessels are in front of our windows and the ferries and smaller vessels carry on up river.

Well, as we all know, misfortunes never happen singly.

I (Mike) decided to fly to Belgrade and take the train to Bar. No regrets- a very interesting journey. And went back on the sleeper- years since I last saw one of those.

No sooner had I arrived in later March to start work than it poured with rain. The rain made things slippy and I did a wonderful cartwheel from the wheelhouse into the galley. This has done my neck no good.

So all the work I had planned to do had to be sublet to the yard. However, some of them they did with much more alacrity than I would have displayed. Nenad worked on the electrics to the deckhead, as I was using the opportunity to replace the deckhead lining in wheelhouse and galley with new material to reroute all the cables that were previously in plastic trunking. Hopefully she will look better and the visible parts of the boat will then all have been upgraded. But don’t worry- there are a couple of little things still need doing!!

I can thoroughly recommend AD Marina. Their associate yard (YC Jug) worked hard and well on the main painting to the hull, but their completion of the fine detail left a lot to be desired and we have spent many hours rectifying bad work. Pity.

There is also an upholsterer/canvas worker who did a new headlining for us in the wheelhouse and galley. Not bad work but rather slow.

Travelling up through the balance of Montenegro was fascinating. On leaving we were able to take on duty free fuel at only 80 cents/litre which beats the Slovenian price of 138 cents and the Italian price of about 170 cents/litre. However, you do need a ship’s stamp. No stamp- no d/f.

No significant defects.