The heat exchanger issue is now finally resolved- they work fine and we have constant water and oil temperatures for 10 hours at a time.

However both fresh water tanks decided to give up the ghost  and the local engineer made two new ones which are also fine.

The surveyor found a rotten spot in the deck which is repaired and some cracked frames- and these are also repaired. All the items on the survey report have been acted on and my insurance are happy.

We went out to Turkey on May 10 and left Kusadasi with some regret on 16th, one day later than planned. There are various people who stood out there, all in the Marina

Basar and Zafer Demiray at RB Yachting who are experts in all sorts of canvas work and stainless steel. They will also engage and negotiate with other trades.

Bulent and Tolent Ustaoglu, a pair of good engineers

Ozbek - Yacht painting to a good standard

The Marina boat handling staff are excellent

The Orient Bar

Not to mention our friends who have been a constant source of support and fun.

We went over to Samos and stopped at Pithagorion for about 4 weeks, whilst Gillie went home to sell her mother’s house. Mike worked on a series of minor bits and pieces*see Technical* and commissioned the new AIS receiver which displays on the Fugawi chart software programme. Very good it is too. Most useful for the Greek inter-island ferries which run up to 30 knots and are not always visible round the corner, but the AIS will show you them in advance. We picked up some signals at over 60 miles, but regularly up to 20 miles range. Later on up to 193 miles range!

After Gillie returned we went off again :







Paros- with a long 90 mile leg to

Poros- where our anchor chain was caught by Yacht John K and we had a little dance in front of the ferry! Much to his annoyance.



Ferry to Athens

Met Harry and Roly Lakeman- old friends and had lovely supper on beach

Plane to home via Berlin

On return, we continued round westward


P Epidhavros



O Sarakiniki


Porto Kayio

Porto Limoni



And were warmly welcomed in the comfortable marina.

Photos are below- two sets- before Aigina and after Aigina.

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