During the spring on-land session Mike took the opportunity to clean the heat exchangers. Unfortunately the two Fresh/salt water exchangers leaked after their over vigorous session ashore and had to be replaced with locally made versions.

Being in a hurry to get back with Gillie’s Mum being ill, there was no time for proper sea trials until September when we were able to test properly. Massive overheating. New element made by supplier- very willingly however. Still no good so another was provided. This was better but the issue was compounded by a block in the sea water side which finally got resolved.

However, we did have a lovely trip to Cappadocia, photos appended, and also got through some more internal jobs. The kedge anchor has a home on the aft end, there is 100 metres of 14mm kedge warp and we have a new rubber duck, having sold the wooden dinghy with great reluctance. However, there is much more room on the aft end. Also two teak chairs from Kostas (B & Q to you) which are actually very good. Cheaper than going to Rhodes to get them, which had been the plan!

However, we felt really bad about missing a year- 2011 HAS to be a good cruise.

Only one idea which is our tender.  But you should see our green 12 volt electric outboard!!