Basic tenets:

I hate fire. Therefore there is no gas, petrol or other flammables on board apart from paint and diesel.


Two Volvo diesels for Eos and a 12 volt outboard for the dinghy


2x1000 litre tanks with deck filling. Fuel transfer pump with filters for fuelling from barrels.


Hydraulic with autopilot and connection to GPS, but not to the computer charting. No kickback on going astern.


Everything liquid goes into black or grey tanks. However there is a facility to divert the grey water to sea where this would not cause offence. We can pump to sea or to shore. If we ever find a suction point then the tanks can be emptied via that.

Fresh Water

Two tanks newly replaced with isolating valves and a common pump.

No water-maker at this stage although valves in place and generator sufficient to cope.

Bilge water

Main engine driven pumps to engine room and forepeak run continually. Impellor life is good- they have a water feed off the SW pump.

24 volt switched pumps to ER, forepeak and aft

12v auto pumps to ER, forepeak and aft

1.5” hand operated pump with adaptable hoses for use as salvage pump anywhere.


All electric. Hob with two rings. Microwave/Oven by Sharp.

Alternate charcoal barbeque by Magma.


Painted white to reduce heat gain and enable walking in bare feet. The temp difference between white and teak is about 35°c/60°c.


If we need heat, a 2kw electric fan has sufficed all through, even in near freezing conditions.