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In this section I have tried to provide information that may help other boat owners to ease their way.

The specification page tells the basic building blocks with which we work

The Systems page should have gone through the thought processes which led us to the ship we have today. However all it tells is what we have got!

The Defects page tells of the things which have gone wrong and what we should have done differently.

I have not made the ship particularly difficult to use. Rather, it is practical and can cope with things going wrong. Most systems have a considerable degree of redundancy.

Eos of Mersey is Swedish, built by Storebro, to an English design.

Only 13 were made, of which she is number 4-mahogany planking carvel-built on oak frames- as Storebro moved from timber construction to fibreglass.

She is 43 ft long- 12,98 metres and has a beam of 4.2 metres.

History is a bit vague- sold originally to a gentleman in Brighton, she is reputed to have belonged to an Irish Pop Group for a time but ended up for sale in a yard at Emsworth. I bought her in a very poor state in 2004.

After lots of work, we finally got to sea in July 2006  and have been working on her ever since.

Beats golf though- you find unexpected skills you never thought you possessed and get to some surprising stores and workshops in the most unlikely places. And you meet real people.