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Defects- not complete

Defects are never complete. Nor is the listing of them


Defects/incomplete work rectified






Heat exchangers cleaned over vigorously- my story

Replacements not up to the job until the third iteration

Gearbox oil cooler also failed- dumped oil in sea. Luckily found out in time. No drive to PME

Complete making good to electric intake

Paint upperworks/repair resin cracks

Fit 2 spinlocks XAS 0612/1  for new stern springs 12mm 3 strand polyester 2x15 metres

Floating painter for dinghy

Liferaft container -repack liferaft and fit bearers

Make chocks for Kedge anchor on bathing platform

Radar dome repair

Remove tie down blocks from wheelhouse roof and make good

Inverter for 240ac - not so good so far.

Paint engine room

Fit new level switches for oil and water

New style catches for generator casing- Holt HA61W 32 No plus bunjy

Hole punch for gaskets

Pop rivets to suit catches

Check and ease Port throttle linkage

Replace anodes

Make good to saloon in way of glazing

make good to aft panel in wheelhouse

Remove repair and refit panels to ER grilles behind steps

Make good to wheelhouse and varnish

Cure leaks to screens

Grab bag - prepare

Reduce wheel cover and fit

Serial to USB converters/rearrange GPS

Cure squeak to stair

Make good to aft cabin

Two rubber fixings for loo roll holder

recut bottle holders to suit  bottles and glasses

Locate kedge anchor on stern platform

Brackets for bookcase

Bracket for dividers and parallel rule  


Items resulting from Surveyors report

Deck- rot under stanchion foot

Sticky float switches on auto bilge pumps

Anchorplait 14mm 100m. Splice to 5m 8mm chain. Load tested 48 hours as stern warp.

Move forward 12v pump to relocate electric feed clear of potential damage

Move sternlight to clear derrick mast- relocated to top of mast

Fit electric solenoid fuel valves to all engines

Change all rubber fuel hoses to main engines. Relocate copper lines to more secure position.

Other items

Change Racor filters- no significant debris

Fit magnet to windlass for chain counter

Remove calorifier to access old mains panel. Remove panel. Remove redundant wiring. Rewire thermostats and other feeds. Replace calorifier. Set to work.

Shower pump defective due to blocked outlet pipe. Cleared pipe with difficulty and fitted new 12 volt pump. Reset pipework to discharge overboard.

Wired alarm panel. Removed redundant wires in bridge console. Re-sealed port oil pressure gauge

Fixed AIS aerial to masthead. Increased range from 5 miles to 56 miles.

Repaired woodwork to ER hatch and surround. Cleaned and varnished

Failed to mend Black and Decker battery drill- motor knackered- slipping clutch also

Rigged anchor counter- works, but figures need to be closer to be seen properly

Replaced defective 105 AH battery

Fuel leak generator fuel filter- fatigue cracking- replaced with spare.

Autopilot keeps jumping to JOG1- assuming there is a hand control fitted- not so- causes all sorts of problems. Checked all connections and currently no problem but not certain. Makers now recommend fitting ferrite filters on each incoming cable. Makes sense to me but wish they had said so before I put it in my suitcase to come home!!

Drilled out all stanchion fixings to take new s/s sockets and resin those into place. All appears well at present.


Repaired hoist to Greek courtesy flag

Remade starboard warp broken during winter

Repaired major rot in port air vent going through into cabin

Sterntube bolts one seeping so all raked out and epoxied

Painted ship. Broke Bosch sander- replaced with Makita 150mm

Engaged Kostas for painting- grave error.

19 May new electric fuel valves blocked with gunge. Treated tanks and replaced valves with original manual one. Require to move electric valves to after the Racor filter.

Fit non-return valve and new float switch to shower

Fit safety bar to microwave for going to sea.

23 May found fractured hot water pipe. Repaired and pumped out. No wonder the bilges kept on rising! Pipe to replace later.

27 May replaced life jacket cylinder and cartridge (G’s)

14 June relocated radar supply to new board 3. Removed redundant wiring. Fitted 4 ferrites to ammeter leads to try and cure autopilot problems. First trial successful

16 June located break in supply to aft saloon light. Found massive corrosion in wire in engine room and fitted new section. Reconnected switches and fitted LED strip in lieu of tungsten as a trial- not really enough room in fitting!

2 LED lights which now form the anchor light and some more bug killer which went straight in the starboard tank.

Port Kalamos, where George of the Tavern was very helpful including re-spotting the anchor when we pulled it out of the mud. Supermarket sells grappa in brown paper bags! In bottles as well, of course.

June 24th Adjusted port governor to improve idle. Found dinghy had deflated due to getting too hot. One seam gone but also the bulkhead between fwd and port chamber. Fixed seam- I think. Left bulkhead.

June 14th Various wiring jobs

Made new piece for oversized hole in dashboard and covered with black vinyl. Looks ok.

June 27th Bought data dongle from Vodafone, but it only works on Gillie's Mac, not on my machine. They say they will fix it. Spent most of the day on that! Dimitris at Vodafone tried well into his afternoon off.

June 28th No Starboard engine start when we needed it. After some playing around- remove and clean starter and terminals- found SME negative connection defective and luckily met Herbert from the German Cat ? who had a little hydraulic crimper and the right size terminal. Very kind. Stayed another night and left 29th to go to Sami. Not well received there and went back to Eufimia, where we were!

June 30th Rearranged electrics by transferring GPS supply to 24 volt so we can close down 12 volt supply at night and save lot of amp hours. Wired 12 volt ammeter. Rubbed down cabin beading.

July 1st Varnished cabin beading and various inside items (Gillie's). Sunday lunch snack and dinner at To Steki and very good it was too.

July 2nd Continued varnishing. Freed off galley & fwd heads scuttle. Replaced anodes PME as planned. Fix leak SME anode subject to trial. Blocked pipe to PME water level alarm absolutely solid and will get new one tomorrow.

trialling LED lights for first time outside engine room- where I find them too directional. However in the saloon they appear to provide a very subdued pleasant light which we will extend in due course.

July 3rd Leak on hot water system overnight so isolated it. 0730 bus towards Sami and stop outside heating merchant who is already open at 0750. A little discussion produced two pipes and suitable sealing washers, so I walked the 9 km back feeling good! Fixed hot water system. Fixed pipe to PME - ran up and tested both engines- all currently ok. Painted part of deck white to reduce deck temps- e.g. Grey 46 degC White 38 degC. Think Al Bustan hotel roof!!

July 4th importantly, Vodafone rang and talked me through the SIMPLE process to get the dongle to work. Why Dimitris did not do this is mystery to me. Why did I not do it? BZ Theodor Pliaksikas.

July 14th Used alarm system except water level Port engine still not correct. Cleaned tanks. Oil temps satisfactory.

In the breakers yard at Plati Yiali were two ferries, Wessex and Mercia- still with their AIS going!

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