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Main Engines

Original Volvo TAMD 70B diesel.

6 cylinder built 1972

Direct injection

Nominal 250BHP each

Sea water heat exchangers for antifreeze, inter-cooler, luboil and gearbox oil

Starboard engine rebuilt 2007

Original installation

Foil faced sound insulation fitted in Mainz

Fuel intensive and a bit smoky by today’s standards. Too powerful for small inland waterways.

Looking around

Exhaust system

Halyard water cooled

5” with machined flexible elbows and rubber pipe to Fibreglass waterlifts

Installed 2005 by Volvo agent

No problems. Temp sensors after water inlet in case of blockage.

Remember to drain overwinter


230 volt Westerbeke 7.5 KVA

Sea water cooled FW heat exchanger

Halyard Gas/water separator to stop splashing from exhaust

Installed by CMT in 2006

Feeds changeover switch with shore supply

Excellent in all respects except rubber latches to sound guard enclosure keep breaking at £7 each. Replaced by own bunjy fixings


Hydrive Admiral hydraulic radial pump

Connected to ram on rudder head

24v pump on autopilot

Installed CMT 2006

No problems with this


Gyro compass

Coursemaster CM650

24v operation

Installed CMT 2006

Compass sensor in wardrobe sensitive to metal frame suitcases!

No problems with this until 2011 when minor glitches appeared-connections to windlass battery charger remade and all well. Also fitted ferrite filters as recommended


Vetus Alexander 3

24v operation from 2x 12v batteries set in forepeak

Duo charger from Merlin Equipment

Installed CMT 2006

No electrical problems. Counter tested but still requires permanent installation.

Defect caused by power housing of anchor resolved on stripping windlass by filing shaft to round and prevented in the future by hand housing.

Battery Charging

Sterling 2425CED

24 volt to two sets batteries

Safesure Galvanic isolator

No problem. Reset to 14.4 volt from 14.8

12 volt supply

Alfatronix 24-12 converter

18 amp supply

C/O switch to 12 volt generator battery

No problem


Furuno 24 volt

Existing when bought

No problem



Existing when bought

Feeds DSC radio and autopilot


USB module

GlobalSat BU-353

Feeds laptop via USB

Fire extinguisher system- now removed.

MFS Aerosol Generator FP2000

Automatic set off by heat sensitive cord

Replaced by two AFFF hand held

Installed 2006 by CMT.

Set off by flying spark from work on Starboard engine mountings

Took 3 minutes to get to full ignition and therefore useless as fire extinguisher. Agents unhelpful. Not recommended

Log/Echo sounder

Nasa Clipper

12 volt supply

Ceased to work half way down Danube. Sounder now mounted internally in oil bath

Otherwise fine. Log impellor favorite for slimy slugs if left down when static.



12 volt

Works fine


NASA AIS3 Receive only

12 volt

Feeds into computer via Serial/USB interface

Works fine

Fresh water

2 x 300 litre tanks in s/s

Jabsco water filter in galley line

Whale pressure pump

Tanks now remade 2011

Black Water

180 litre Vetus tank

Pumped out by Whale to sea or shore connection

Or use suction

Vetus no-smell carbon filter

Grey water

130 litre Vetus tank

As Black

Added divert to sea

Original intent 2x tanks- no room


2 x Vacuflush 508

1 x Vacuum generator

No problems if you listen out.


Cruise 130

No problem


Mira head

Rule Shower drain kit

Drain filter needs frequent cleaning!

Hot water

Domestic calorifier 150 litres

Heated by engine coolant or immersion as dummy load on generator

Washing machine


Top loader 6kg

Very good and worth it!


Toshiba laptop

Runs PC Navigo software in inland waterways

Runs Fugawi software with Navionics charts. Records tracks. Does not drive autopilot

Takes timelapse photos using Handy-Avi software

Also email etc.etc.

Little software problems as with any computer

Can’t run camera, Fugawi and AIS together. Am I surprised. No.


Microwave/Ov en by Sharp

2 ring hob by Hotpoint

Waeco 24volt kettle at sea

Tiled worktop

Derrick mast

Handraulic for holding up gangplank

Two old wooden booms from the Solent

Due for removal early 2013 as redundant


Made by Basar and Zafer in Kusadasi




Made by Basar and Zafer in Kusadasi


Bilge pumping

Two main engine driven pumps

Three 24 volt Jabsco pumps

Three 12 volt auto pumps

One portable 1.5” pump

No oil separation- no oil to separate normally

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