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Dimitrious X. Was kindness itself and could not have not done more for us.

John Vardakas- Messinian Yacht Centre- 27210 91942/ 6932 662481. Knows Everything and incredibly helpful.

Fuel- Alex 27210 88814. Small tanker but watch out for leaks- we took on another 500 litres thinking 1.50 was the best price. No- 1.48 in Zakinthos!

Power tool Sales 27210 85505. I would give you the address, but…

Domestic appliance repair Joanna  27210 28217. Good repair on Sharp microwave 28€. Delivered!

George and his wife run the small store in the corner by the Marina office and need support, which they deserve 100%. Also they will barbeque a whole lamb for you!! And it tastes brilliant!

The Marina staff are excellent, including the office. Peter the yard and Lift man is excellent and coaches Oppies in his spare time. Security headed by Tomas are always on call on 69. We had no problems or differences in 8 months with anyone.