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Germany is wonderful for boats and their owners


Watching the locals perambulating along the path above the boat, I’ve decided the they are a nation of jacket wearers and umbrella carriers, even school children- so very sensible; of all the passers by, I saw only one man wearing a sweater -on the other hand they seem to disregard the dangers of the Rhine completely, hardly anyone wears a life jacket, we wouldn’t dream of sailing on the Mersey without one.

The Germans either have large and shaggy dogs or tiny wee ones; again I have never seen anyone with a pooper scooper.

Have noticed quite a number of homeless Turkish and German; one has a toy dog, much cheaper than a real one and it still brings the money in.  They seem to be on good terms with the locals who always stop for a chat.

Malakoff Park is a brilliantly designed wide covered shopping mall, good café, art shop with two papier mache life-size horses on wheels.

We have a stream of elderly ladies and later on mothers and children who feed the ducks, unfortunately the ducks don’t eat all the bread, so we might have a rat problem!

Forgot to mention earlier that there are at least six climbing/walking equipment shops in the vicinity - seems rather a lot.

Went to Winestub Brochtel close to Cathedral, full of “over sixties”.  The owner managed to squeeze us in at a table with an English speaking couple who thought we were American, however think we did our bit for promoting the English and England!

Interestingly squeezing people in at already occupied tables seems quite normal and no one complains.

Coat Sunday where every shop in the town is open.  Saw a pair of lovely red felt slippers with white appliquéd deer, but couldn’t find a pair in my size.


Since the return of the University students in Mainz there is a lot more rowdiness and broken glass which must be a bit of a shock to the largely middle aged and middle class citizens.  The road sweepers use besoms rather than brooms.

Hope boat will be OK.

So far we have managed the rivers/locks quite easily despite dire warnings, we have been lucky with good conditions, so lets hope the Danube proves the same.

Quite respectable Germans think nothing of putting their feet on the railway carriage seats and no way are they going to make room for other people!!

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