Western Turkey to Lycian Coast (south)- June to July

Mike spent March in Kusadasi when Eos came out of the water to allow worms (if any) to fall out.  Quite a bit of rot in stern particularly where screws for bathing platform had allowed water in.  Now, a double layer of ply, resin etc. and plenty of new varnish, anti-fouling and repainting white paintwork.

Unfortunately during the antifouling operation Mike hurt his back, which required more physio on his return to England after some very professional treatment in Turkey.  We got someone else to finish the undersides! He also worked on cabin ceilings and lots of other bits and pieces, including a proper tray stow, fridge restrainer, etc.  The fuel injectors and pumps to Izmir by taxi and dolmus - they are heavy.

Don and Sheila Smith liveaboards on “She” a Liverpool registered little blue boat they bought in Mallorca many years ago, have shown Mike around town and taken him out for liver and bacon hotpot and a beer or two- absolute stars!  Also Derek and Catriona who have a very nice, green hulled, Isle of Man registered boat.

I had to have my gall bladder and stones removed, whilst Mike was in Turkey, luckily Sally, head nurse, was around to look after me - yet again.

Cats again were a menace so Mike rigged up an anti cat device set up at the foot of the ladder - plywood and elastic strap - the cat puts its foot on the ply and his weight triggers the elastic strap, pussy goes flying backwards, very effective.

Basar and Zafer Demiray have made us a lovely dark blue bimini (sun shade) and new exterior sun blinds to most windows and sliding roof and what a huge difference these have made.

Launching day arrived, boat in two slings, lowered into water which then poured into engine compartment and with no sufficient pump capacity available as engine not ready, we had to lift her out, back onto land, and re-propped whilst we made good the cracks which had occurred whilst she was on land.  The experts had said she would require 3 months on land, this is obviously wrong. A week later re-launched using 4 slings and all well.

The cabin top is now painted grey, same as decks, and this has made a difference too to the heat inside; the deck over the galley/dining saloon is in non-slip white deck paint now so much safer.

Other things to do are 2nd anchor stowage, swim ladder, stern entry ladder, on deck home for the life raft.

The last evening went late night shopping at Kipa, I think a Tesco store, but no shorts for Mike though I bought a good pair of flip flops, unlike the Primark ones bought only early April and nearly broken already, the previous Tesco pair bought in 2006 still wearable!!

Last night at Orient Bar and Salsa organised by the VERY tall thin man with pigtail who dances like a dream, even if he does wear low-slung jeans and braces.  This is where we play pool and even table tennis sometimes.

Opening day for the newly refurbished swimming pool.  The live aboards are quite indignant that they may have to pay to swim.  It is very deep for me and too embarrassing to wear armbands here.

SATURDAY 6 JUNE 2009       Hot, Wind 2/3  S/S ½   Video 26MB

09.25 slipped very professionally from our tight berth and left Kusadasi, the bikes remain here chained together on the “T” jetty, I wonder whether they will still be there on our return in July?

Called in at Samos Marina for fuel, wine, tonic and smoked fish.

En route, we were hailed by 4 or 5 refugees on the Turkish mainland, obviously wanting us to take them to Greece - no way!

That morning we had seen the Coast Guard in Kusadasi bring in about 30 refugees - no idea where they had come from.

As we exited the Marina, Derek and crew were just coming up the straits, we did a quick circuit to say goodbye.  Saw dolphins at mouth of bay.  Arrived c. 14.30 PORT ST. NIKOLAO, this is next door to St. Paul’s Bay which is a military zone and out of bounds.  

First 2 attempts to get a hold not good, we moved round the corner where we were successful.  One German sailing boat with line ashore also.  About one hour later a nasty swell and gusty winds came up and the German was very worried about his hold (We discovered they had come down the Danube from Hamburg last year).

Mike’s back problem has turned to sciatica, he is not a happy bunny.  

We spent a lot of time checking and re-checking sights.  The alarm bell on our new computer programme sounds like the bell on the “Inchcape Rock” - a bit eerie.  Prepared torches and external light in case of need and went to bed 21.30.  Nearly full moon.  All well during night.

SUN 7       Hot, sun  Wind 2/4  s/s 1/2/3

Up at 06.15, slipped 07.30 to make the most of the light wind.  German already up and swimming.  Several boats actually sailing.    Video 6 MB

12.45 tied up at YALIKAVAK MARINA, very swish, we are amongst the best.  The standard of construction is excellent with the most enormous stainless steel bollards everywhere; good showers and loos, more expensive than Kusadasi and I definitely need gold shoes and bag! The town has development all around the bay but the hills are still visible as Kusadasi was 20 years ago.  

We found, with the help of the Marina manager, a physio for Mike, one session today and one tomorrow.

Forgot to say in my preamble that having not been to a summer holiday resort since St. Tropez in the 50’s, I am horrified by the general appearance of young and old, all nationalities, too fat, bad deportment, badly dressed, sunburnt - no sunscreen.  They have probably spent hours and much money to look so awful!!

MON 8     Hot and breezy

Staying put so that Mike’s back has a chance to recover.  A lazy day for both of us.

Went for a lunch time drink in the shady bar, poor service and the beer was 9.50 TL, we won’t be going there again.

I have just noticed some quite stylish villas on the hills around.  Turkey generally has an appalling record of house building, see 2008.  Not only are the houses badly designed and grouped, 90% don’t comply with new earthquake regs, large numbers are either not complete or not occupied - a scam somewhere I think.

Around 20.00 I actually got around to typing up last year’s log, when I was invited by the paid skipper and his son, to “Harom”, next door boat, for tea - chai. English skipper in England.  Mike was a bit surprised when he arrived back from the physio! no improvement in his back.

TUE 9    hot, small breeze

07.15 up, doctor’s app. made for 11.00.  Washed down boat, first time for ages, the boat crews spend their entire time using vast quantities of fresh water for boat cleaning.

We were taken the short distance from marina office to clinic by golf buggy.  Handsome and efficient doctor arrived on a huge motorbike.  Two relaxing injections. The upshot of visit, 3 days rest lying or standing but no sitting; something wrong with a disc.  We won’t be leaving until at least Saturday.  Operation might be needed!!

Marina manager went to chemist for prescription, also arranged for the boat to be moved closer to showers and loos - very thoughtful of him.

We made an excellent stern board approach to our new position between even bigger and more expensive yachts; unfortunately the marina lads hauled us in on a laid mooring too much at bows, so stern miles from quay; I soon sorted that out!  I have been watching some of the so called professional boat people make a complete nonsense of their approaches with lines all in knots, not at right angles to the quay, generally we are not too bad.

Noisy upholstery cleaners on board next door until 23.30.


The boats either side of us are being cleaned to within an inch of their lives, it really is quite obsessive.

I went for exploring walk to village, which is quite attractive with lots of souvenir shops and bars with beer at 4 TL. Narrow beaches.  Bought a replacement pumice stone, that’s exciting!

Mike’s back not getting any better, he is being very good about not sitting too long.

Booked our flights back and forth until end of season.

Washed the stern saloon curtains, always very boring putting them back with their silly little hooks.  Some upholstery cleaning also.

THUR 11     Hot  Wind

Didn’t do much, Mike’s back still bad.  Cleaned saloon upholstery, looks a bit better.  Watched with amazement at the cleaning activities of adjoining boats.  No worries about water shortage here.  I did a bit more exploring.

Michael Wykeham on Belle Alice spied our blue ensign across the marina and came visiting, inviting us for a drink tomorrow.  

Late supper, good curry.

Fri 12     Hot  Wind getting stronger

Polished half the stainless steel, too hot to finish in one go.

Mike and I went to doctor again, who immediately decided he should visit the clinic in Bodrum, so immediate taxi to Vital Med, diagnosis and physio all within 10 mins of arriving.  Dolmus back.

Apologies to the Wykehams for not arriving for drinks on time.  Judith W reminds me of Jay de Zouche, she is not keen on sailing either.

Excitement is mounting on KERIM - next door boat - all personnel now out of shorts and into long whites, epaulettes etc.; Mike and I wanted to go to bed but felt we should wait up to see who the mystery owner is.  The Captain to Bodrum airport and eventually an older Turkish couple arrived, he wearing a reefer jacket, she with large dark glasses and gold jewellery.

They hope to sail tomorrow.

SAT 13     Hot and v windy

Off to Bodrum by Dolmus to hospital.  Blood tests, x-ray, cat scan, results immediate.  This is a private hospital with an English women as an interpreter and general help, this is so efficient and not too expensive  compared with say a BUPA hospital in England.  Mike’s lowest 3rd vertebra bad.  Also he has a few gallstones!!

Back to Dr. Buyruk for interpretation and physio, Mike will have to be very careful.  Dr. B is a specialist in lower back pain and reckons to get most people fit again without the need of an operation, he uses a very tough physio regime.

Very painful walking to and from bus station, even worse after treatment.  We have to walk up a busy one -way street with parked cars; Mike is quite wobbly so I walk behind him to warn oncoming cars!! Back feels slightly better; but now sciatica in left leg, which is excruciating.

Very windy, had to take down the bimini and put on extra lines, everything straining and squeaking.

SUN 14     Hot and windy

Not up too early for once.

KERIM finally goes to sea.  She is about 30 years old and a v. attractive steel boat, though noisy with dirty engines.

All personnel in white - they returned at 12.30 as much too windy, we don’t think the captain is particularly good.

We had a gentle day, later went for a walk (by taxi!) to the old part of Yalikavak to buy my birthday present and ended up with a second hand Backgammon board, this will keep us out of mischief.

Although the wind is dying down, suddenly a loud bang and the black strap buckle holding the bimini frame snapped; luckily no damage.

HE next door, probably in his eighties, and not at all friendly yet - won’t even look at us.

Beautiful bougainvillea, ipomoea and plumbago bushes everywhere and a huge number of garden centres, some selling aged olive trees with trunks 2m in circumference.  Must be a nightmare keeping plants watered and in good selling condition in this heat.

MON 15

Not quite so hot, breeze.  Up early for 09.30 physio, just made it! Then back to Oasis centre and Turkish Airline Office to change my flight from Bodrum instead of Dalaman.

Walked into town towards Marina and found a funny little restaurant full of Turkish locals, Formica top tables and bread in big plastic bins on each table - not high class but authentic and inexpensive.

Back to boat and dressed her “overall” in honour of my birthday - don’t know whether anyone else noticed.

Managed to find a dry sparkling white, not too expensive; the Turkish Government adds, I think, 80% tax to wine with the result that vine growers are uprooting wine vines and replanting with table grapes.

Lovely supper at GRUPPA a new restaurant just outside the Marina, we were the only customers and might have been their first too!!

Phone calls, emails and texts from family and friends.

TUES 16     Hot, no wind early, got up later not as strong as previous night.

08.40 on the dolmus to Bodrum for physio.  The lovely Barbara (Dutch I think) in mustard yellow shorts is a v. powerful therapist and leaves Mike quite worn out, don’t misconstrue this!!

Finally bought a map of Bodrum.  Decided to walk up hill to the main road to pick up the dolmus there.  We passed “The Temple of Mars” only we didn’t recognise the scattered stones amongst the overgrown grass and olive trees.  We did pay a visit to the Antique Theatre, which must have been stunning, seating 10,000 and overlooking the bay and castle.

Couldn’t get a dolmus to stop for us, so walked down the hill again to ortoga.

Put back the bimini and packed for visit to Mum.  Next door on Kerim they are having to do major pipe replacement work - rather funny really as she looks so perfect, apparently a lot of work is required.

WED 17     Hot

Up early to catch dolmus to Bodrum, then Havas coach to domestic terminal, 45 mins.  You get a good view of the Golf of Gokova.  Mike went to his physio, me Turkish Airlines to Istanbul Atakoy, Havas bus to Taksim Square, 2nd bus to Sabiha Gochen. Very hot.  easyJet to Luton, ages picking up car, a Fiat Punto, got lost getting out of Luton.  Arr. Burnham Market 21.30 ish.  Mum in good form.

18-23 JUNE

I am in Norfolk, Mike in YALIKAVAK, visits to physio daily, leg not getting appreciably better but managed to do a few useful jobs.

Okan, the marina manager is very helpful and kind. 9-23 June =1611.23 TL so an expensive backache

24 JUNE     Hot  s/s 1-2    Video 24MB

Up at 06.15, slipped 07.15, a very good thing to be on the move again.

A lovely day between islands, lots of boats, 2 or 3 merchantmen.

Wind has gone round to south having been in N/NW for weeks.  We had been warned that the point just before KNIDOS was similar to South Stack, Anglesey, on a bad day, with huge waves - luckily not today.  I can well imagine this occurring as the two gulfs - GOKOVA and HIZARONU meet around the island of NISOS.

Arr. 14.30 ish at ADATEPI BURNU (headland).  Could be a tricky approach in strong winds, rocky headland to port and rocks and/or anchored boats to starboard.  Once in at MESUDIYE, the T jetty is good, room for 6-7 yachts, though more if required, a very tight squeeze; when we arrived the two tourist boats were about to depart. Note the GPS discrepancy- probably in the chart/local map. Several restaurants, OGUN seems to run the village - we were disappointed with our supper though, in spite of very friendly welcome, reminded us a bit of Milan’s Treff in Slovakia.

The shopkeeper took me to his lovely veg garden to pick parsley

Later a Sunsail yacht chartered by 8 retired French all from Normandy who were delightful, it must be pretty cosy with that number in the boat.

This is a lovely bay, lots of Turkish families, very clear water for swimming. 30TL for the night.

International - 2 English yachts, 1 French, 1 Finnish, 1 German, 1 Italian.

JUNE 25    hot, some clouds    Video  19 MB

Slipped 08.35, another lovely day.  Saw a fishing trawler for the first time since CESME.  The SEHAN HANA part of the EXQUISIT HOLIDAYS fleet,  a cowboy helming, cut right across our bows - obviously hadn’t heard of “overtaking boat keeps clear”  We gave him 5 blasts of the horn.

Fabulous scenery at the end of the Gulf, we are alongside the outer jetty at MARTI MARINA, arr. 13.30.  Washed the boat, she is filthy, good cleaning and tidying ready for the arrival of John and Sue Greenhalgh.

Shopping a disaster, fruit awful, no fresh meat and no ATM in a major marina.

A tame pelican lives here. 61€ one night!

Sue and John arrived about 23.00 after long taxi trip from Dalaman.  (When they booked their flights, we had hoped to be in Gocek, the nearest port, but due to Mike’s bad back, we couldn’t make it)

Very good to see them.

JUNE 26       Some cloud, hot later, sea state 2,wind 3

Slipped ll.45 after showing S & J how the boat works.  Melon for breakfast, this is a must for Sue.

  Video 5 MB

Quite choppy but we only had a short trip to SELIMIYE, stern to at KAPTAN Restaurant; this could be a good land holiday destination as there are several small bungalows belonging to the restaurant.

This is the most idyllic spot, clearest water, swan before lunch; I used my arm-bands for the first time - perfect, almost too much buoyancy. Mike used his new flippers and snorkel, very good for hull inspection.

Long lunch, siesta, light supper, walk along beach, lots of other restaurants towards the end of gulf, decided ours, though smaller, less crowded and less sophisticated, was the most idyllic.  In the evening the tables are put onto the beach - we thought this heaven.

No good fresh fruit in shops.

JUNE 27      A few wispy clouds, hot    Video 10MB

Slipped 10.30 for trip to BOZBURUN, a bit lumpy when we turned south.  We went inside the islands, beautiful.  Lots of places for lunch time anchorages.  Arr circa 13.00, stern to, small harbour, a mixture of gulets, fishing boats and sailing boats.  Hurrah for an ATM and lovely fresh fruit to buy.  Several better class gift shops and useful hardware stores, which we always need.

Sue and I walked to nearest beach for a swim, a bit weedy and not too clear; suddenly the temperature dropped.

Shopped for on board supper, walk to cafe for evening drink; thank goodness it had internet coverage,

We have launched the dinghy and hope to tow her - hope it works.

JUNE 28     hot

Stayed another day as Mike couldn’t get the fwd bilge pump to work - eventually he fitted the 2nd impeller (exactly the same as 1st) and it worked; also his back not feeling too strong.

In the meantime we walked right around the bay to a restaurant and B & B, with tables and sun-beds right on water’s edge; luckily I had my armbands with me as water quite deep.

Nice lunch, more swimming.  The b & b was delightful, walls painted terracotta, bright orange bougainvillea, green sunshades, blue pots, apricot trees and a lovely terrace with long sofas, cream cushions and throws - very simple.

BBQ our chicken kebabs, bar for bedtime beers and internet. 2 nights 40 TL cash

JUNE 29     Warm, some clouds

Lovely day to BOSUK BUKU.      Video

Anchored most of the day till supper time.  Tried to swim from boat, but none of us could get back on board easily, we need a swim-ladder urgently.  Gulets came in for night, one definitely in our way if wind shifted during the night.  The owner of Loryma Restaurant (aged 22, we think) came to persuade us to move to his restaurant jetty, which we did and turned out to be another idyllic setting.

The restaurant/cafe with open walls, dodgy lighting (a new generator arrived by boat whilst we were there), simple but chic; selling rugs made in the adjoining village, homemade bread.  No roads here so everything is brought in by boat.

When we first arrived we were bombarded by three boats of girls selling scarves, shirts, jewellery, throws etc.  We bought a throw and Sue a pretty shirt.

The Boat race

I slept on deck to watch the stars but had forgotten that the stern deck is covered by the bimini so no view at all! Also I am not good sleeping in a sleeping bag, had to unzip it and use as a duvet, however slept quite well.

TUE 30 JUNE     Breezy at 06.00 v. Hot   Video

10.10 slipped for Symi.  Called into a very steep sided bay, which could be useful someday for a midday stop.  Arr. SYMI 13.20.  Very pretty with houses in neo classical style built right up the steep hills, almost Disneyish.

Very, very hot.Lucky we had the nice mooring man, the other one was extremely nasty to the German boats coming in after us.  On the way we had seen a Sunsail flotilla leaving so knew there would be plenty of room.  The harbour is very popular and gets completely full by about 16.30.

I slept for the afternoon whilst the others went to explore and found a dear little beach around the corner so all went for late afternoon swim.

We are now squeezed in like sardines.  A magnificent sailing boat arrived late evening XARGO, approx 120 ft, registered in London, sailed early following morning.

John took us out to a fish restaurant for my birthday treat; food was delicious and very kind of him.

ALIKI hotel in Symi looks lovely.

WED 1 JULY     Hot

Sue and I shopped at the so-called supermarket, which didn’t really stock anything, no wine, no tonics, only frozen chicken but good fruit.

John went to chemist for eye drops but was sent to hospital first - all quick and efficient and free.

Slipped 09.30 with dinghy tied alongside forward - unfortunately Mike forgot she was there and put on a little speed, which sank her! She actually righted herself but was obviously full of water.  We retrieved the stern seat and baler, brought her astern and came alongside quay on opp side to where we had moored.  We used the little emergency pump to great effect and off we went on our merry way.   Video

We went between the islands off Symi and across the gulf to DATCA.  Arr 13.00 to find they were preparing for a “Festival of the Water”. Great fun, swimming races, diving, water skiing and a greasy pole out over the water.  Lots of small boys cheering on their heroes.

Next door boat came in with a David Hagan on board, brother to John, one of John G’s partners, small world.

Swam at a good beach.  Supper and a wander around town, drink at bar, next door a bit noisy!!

I bought a good pair of swimming shoes.

There is not much in the way of bird life at sea, presumably insufficient fish, we haven’t seen fishing boats for ages.

2 JULY     Hot, breezy

The promenade, which runs the length of the town, is a must for joggers and power walkers, they are out v early and again in the evening.

We decided not to move on as wind quite strong.

Had to wash out the st/b water tank when we found rust in the bottom, then the meter on quay was turned off!!

John, Sue and I went by very safe taxi to KNIDOS.  It must have been spectacular when still an entity; it covers an enormous area.  I love seeing all the fragments of stone decoration, same designs as I describe for Church Records done by stonemasons in Victorian churches on the Wirral.

Had a good lunch at the little cafe, then taxi home.

Finished washing out the tank.

I didn’t swim, John and Sue walked miles to explore.

Another squashed night on jetty, sardines come to mind. 50TL for two nights we think.

Supper on board, late beer at restaurant opp.  We have been concerned at lack of customers and what happens to all the prepared food - is it thrown away, given to the poor or re-used the following day.

3 JULY    Hot, windy 3/4    s/s 2/3 Edited Video

As the wind was still in N/N/W we decided to depart and keep close to north shore of gulf.  Sailing fraternity were having a great day.  We had a good trip but the dinghy needed looking after, ie, we reduced speed!

Arr SELIMIYE approx 14.30, just as special as the last visit.  Swimming perfect. Supper at table on beach - heaven, though didn’t sleep too well.

4 JULY      v. sheltered in our inlet, light breeze

A lovely lazy day in prospect as we are not moving.  Shopped, walked swam (out of my depth and no armbands)

Light lunch at restaurant, more swimming, reading and supper on board.

This place is more special because there are 3-4 holiday cottages, therefore non-boaty people around, all happy and well behaved.


hot, light breeze, v hot and stuffy laterMore lovely freshly squeezed orange juice before very sadly leaving for pastures new.    Video

Across Gulf of Huoroni to look at anchorages on n. side, then down the inlet, past Marti to ERSOY RESTAURANT and jetty at KECI BUKU (he is a friend of Zafer and Basar in Kusadasi).

Very simple, food good, though loos and showers not up to standard.  

Behind the restaurant lives an old crone and her cows and hens.

Sue and John went next door for swimming pool as seawater up at the top of the inlet is a bit murky.

More trouble with water tanks, the potassium permanganate had leaked from one to other; that’s bad but the worst was I hadn’t noticed quickly enough and left a new white T shirt to soak, now a pale pink T shirt.

Next door just above the water, a new stone built, architect designed holiday house, hammock suspended above the water, the land behind is steep up to the road and has been beautifully terraced and filled with urns, succulents, etc.

Supper with Ersoy, delicious huge grilled shrimps, however the lamb casserole turned out to be a sort of moussaka - good but not what we expected.

We are moored between two CA boats, English owned, who won’t speak to us or even acknowledge our existence; the other nationalities, Dutch, French, German are delightful - oh dear English snobbery just because we don’t have a sail!!

6 JULY     hot

Packing up day for Sue and John, Brought dinghy on board.

Taxi to Marmaris, this is tourist town, crowded and hot.  We did however have an unexpectedly good lunch on quay.

Goodbyes, they to Havas bus to Dalaman, us to shop, then dolmus back to boat.  Light supper with Ersoy, more delicious shrimps, earlyish to bed as we have early start. 30 TL.

7 JULY     Hot, calm, wind later  s/s 2/3   wind 4     Video

Slipped 08.15, decided not to continue past Knidos for Bodrum as weather/wind getting stronger.  Came into ADATEPI BURNU again, quite windy getting in.  Squashed like sardines.

Good swimming.

Ogan and his sister recognised us, this time, just a drink.  Early to bed, ready for early start.

8 JULY     hot, calm early. Strong wind later  Video

Slipped 08.00, short run to GUMUSLUK as too windy to continue.  Very crowded with gulets, not all of them as gentlemanly and quiet as we would like!!

Mike went off to Bodrum for physio and I stayed behind to fight off being squashed by the tourist boats.

This was until recently a quiet resort with a few fish restaurants, now it is wall to wall fish restaurants and in danger of being spoilt.

Three very noisy foul mouthed English girls fooling around with the local lads! This is the first time we have come across this boorish behaviour -  sadly English.   One of them jumped into the sea and splashed water all over my writing and recipe book and caused a page from it to tear out - they got the full force of my fury!!

Dr. Mohammed was pleased with Mike’s progress. 60TL for the night

9 JULY    Hot,  wind later

Mike back for last physio, slipped around 13.00 into lumpy sea and came into YALIKAVAK, a berth right at the end of “D” jetty with all the swell.

Another visit to Turkish Airlines in Bodrum Oasis, to change flight home from Izmir instead of Bodrum - no problem.

Supper on board and earlyish night. Staff very helpful particularly Okan Kayatas- overnight fee 107.55TL

10 JULY     Hot   Video

Slipped 06.10 for uneventful trip to KUSADASI, 69 miles, arr. 14.00, stern to on outer wall next door but one to John and Clare Scott of Lazy Jacques, who are leaving tonight but were able to come for a very quick drink before their taxi to Izmir

11 JULY      Sun and hot

Cleaned boat, I realise now why all the crewed boats are washed down asap on arrival from sea, the salt does no good to s/s which then has to be cleaned thoroughly.

V.v. hot, too hot to go to pub!!

12 JULY    Hot

Had thought of visit to Ephesus but too hot, this will have to wait until October, I think.

Cleaned inside of boat.  Don, Sheila, Derek, Pauline and son Leo for drinks.  Leo a lapsed boat builder told us what was wrong with Eos.  Derek stayed for supper.

We tried the swimming pool, but too deep for me.

Very windy, lots of boats went out but returned quickly.

13 JULY    Hot

Finished washing lines, filthy and very stiff from salt water, now a bit softer.

Too much swell to out to empty tanks. Packed.

Have ordered from Basar side covers to keep boat cooler and which we hope will save some of the cracks.

Also new stern ladder and alterations to swim ladder.

Supper at Mezgit.  Early night.


Up at 02.15 for taxi to Izmir - ugh.  Rained at Istanbul airport.  Eventually arrived home and Sally very nobly met us at Manchester airport.

Home for the summer hols.

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