Started in April with a big blitz on the existing varnish, which all has to come off to be replaced by Woodskin, a new product from International Paints.

Also we have the normal external coat of paint, which I do, and the antifouling, which I sublet.

After some thought I decided not to have any other work done at Messolonghi- internal politics.

However, I was still in the throes of it when Diane arrived to help take Eos up to Preveza and I had omitted to prepare her quarters. Not a good move.

Anyway, we got to Preveza without incident but I guess I still owe her an apology.

The masts were removed and holes filled. A new gantry was fitted by Antares (Michael Krause), who did some excellent work. He also produced the passerelle bracket to my design, which saves us manhandling the ladder around and gives more flexibility to how we can deploy it. The “roof rack” for the solar panels let us mount them over part of the main hatch- 360 watts of power, which seem to make a big difference to the battery charging- they even gas slightly- not sure we want that, but I am letting them settle down. Actually they are turned off during the summer break in case anything goes wrong.

A sight glass on the pump discharge is interesting and very helpful when it  comes to knowing when the black or grey tank is empty.

The AIS engine works fine but I cannot now interface it with the new Windows 8 laptop so I will advance my plan to get a transponder. However, the new arrangement of a 22 inch monitor and wireless keyboard lets me keep the laptop under the chart table and out of harms way, whilst letting us see the chart from across the wheelhouse. As an aside, I lost the little dongle for the keyboard and Logitech sent me a new one for free. What excellent service.

Decks now painted white and it only remains to paint the two coachroofs.

On arrival back in UK, the new AIS transponder seems to work fine, but it would be better if we were able to go to sea!


Well, I made a mess of 2014 by falling on my head, so we had best say that nothing much got done, apart from routine painting and antifouling.

The yard took off the starboard sponson which Messolonghi had tried to rip off- still not settled in May 2015- and reinforced it a bit and put it back on again.

Bought a Digital Yacht AIT 2000 Class B transponder and felt much happier. It doesn’t like having the pc turned off, but it is only a moment to turn it off and on again.

Called in at Manfredonia to slip and draw port rudder tube which was leaking. All sorted by Yacht Service Gargano- good people.


All the usual crack filling and painting, but this time they let the time on shore go up to three weeks and where there had been two cracks in the bow on coming to shore, there were probably a dozen by the time we went back. However as of end May, the whole boat is tight as a drum even under way in seas.

Important things that got done included:

Complete repaint and woodskin, antifoul, anodes etc. Important to clean salt water intake grilles. Made a big difference to low speed water flow to engines.

Drained and cleaned fuel tanks.

Fitted new water hoses to both main engine suction. Re routed stbd to enable storage of spares boxes- but lost work bench.

Serviced alternators and reconnected the  port one after it got put back wrong.

Checked valve clearances and head bolts

Welded belt covers- not very successful

Fitted new injectors at vast cost.

Fitted new zips to bimini again.

Fitted new bronze nameplate- seems to corrode like mad but gives the crew/me something to do.

Fitted swim shower after repairing rot in transom and painting same instead of trying to keep the old plywood looking good.

All seems tight and good