Voyages in 2006

2006 was a breakthrough, where we finally left the Solent, crossed the Channel and could play at being sailors again, after two years of boatyards.

At that time-beginning of July- we were still planning on going to the Baltic. How things change!

19 April- sold Davits and Captains Chair. Hooray!

7th July- SME and slip

We had a lovely week with our RNR chums and the camels and then went up the Seine to Paris and, after a halt to see friends, on up to Epernay.

We left the boat there for 6 weeks and went home, returning in September to go on to Liege, where she spent the winter and most of the following summer.

Canals, rivers and locks travelled so far.   

Kilometers 1375

End of year Thoughts : This wandering life is brilliant and very irresponsible, though we both feel the need of a permanent home in England. Most of the people who do live aboard permanently whom we have met are a bit odd.

Favourite moorings/harbours:

St.Vaast La Hougue, very pretty, good restaurants and shops and our first foreign port.

Paris, exciting to be in the centre of this city and on the Seine.

Vieux Les Asfeld (nearest village) on canal des Ardennes, tied to a bank, completely isolated, wonderful night sky.

Fumay, on the Meuse, delightful and pretty village.

Always travel with tidy shoes and a good jacket, you never know whom you may meet  and to what you may be invited.

It would have taken only 3 days at most to drive from Le Havre to Liege!!


On the way we hit something in the middle of the canal- the propellers made a frightful noise- where it should have been perfectly clear- and so had to investigate the potential damage. Enquiries led us to a repair yard near Liege and our insurance agreed that the work should proceed. So in September we thought of being back in the water in mid November.

Well- this was not to be. The original work required was only:

Draw shafts and change/realign shafts and propellors

Remove, check and refit rudders

Clean off antifouling and recoat

After they checked around we added extra work to the fixings for the stern bathing platform and also some work to the fixings to the underwater planking in way of the lower bilge.

Arriving for a visit in mid November, changed coolant and did an anode check on Starboard engine.

 2006 drew to a rather unsatisfactory end as there was definitely not enough progress. So we had to leave without doing the full winterising routine and agreed with the yard that they would sort out enough heating to keep the boat from freezing.

However, over the year I had personally installed and set to work:

8kva generator

Black and grey waste water tankage and pumping arrangements

Hydraulic steering system and autopilot

Anchor windlass and battery system

Derrick mast

Clinker built dinghy as tender






Lateral a la Marne


Aisne a la Marne


Lateral a l’Aisne








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