2007 was dominated by the amount of repair required

Mike visited in February- progress was poor

He visited again in April- progress was still poor

Finally, he returned in early May.

Whilst pushing for progress on the hull, he worked on checking the engines. Drawing the injectors on the port engine resulted in one sleeve coming loose, which meant removing the cylinder heads. The coolers on both engines were also removed since they needed cleaning due to the lack of proper laying up caused by the delays.

Work commenced to complete the original items.

The bathing platform was fitted.

Rudders re-inserted and secured

The shaft brackets were offered up and the shafts inserted for alignment. After which the brackets were fixed securely.

Cracks were already appearing in the ships side due to drying out. The yard wetted the sides by sprinklers to reduce the drying out, but only after some serious discussions.

Checked for leaks after rain- the Wheelhouse Stbd side and port locker were very bad. As also the forecabin starboard side

After this bad discovery we found and gouged out the rotten bits and repaired them with timber and resin.

Port engine made ready and all appeared well.

Repainted superstructure.

The yard filled the newly developed cracks and repainted the ships side.


Launched and set off for the Yacht harbour only to seize the SME. The cause was a failed oil seal on the oil cooler banjo.

July and August

Remove engine and strip and repair. New con–rod – in short supply- required as bearing cap bolt had come loose.

4th September

Moved Eos to berth adjoining Police launch

Lifted in the Stbd engine. The yard cut away parts of new engine mounts to get the engine properly located and in doing so inadvertently set off the new automatic fire extinguisher system. This generates lots of fumes. Luckily the access hatches were open and we got out like startled rabbits.

Finally got engines to work and completed brief trials.

7th September Liege

Having bought a pair of new batteries, we were better able to start both main engines.

We moved up harbour to a position adjoining the steps to welcome our friend Jean Camille and his wife Josette. He is not a great walker so we moved the ship instead. As Commodore of the Motor Yacht Club of Liege he has been a vast help to us.

8th September Liege

Grey day. Wired up aft emergency bilge pump.

Refitted side of port bunk aft.

Fitted new carpet to aft cabin

10th September.  Liege Yacht Harbour to Maastricht

Just one year since we arrived at Liege

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Google Earth link. Liege to Mainz 2007

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Picture taken in Koln railway station cafe when Mike was very hungry.

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