Mainz to Passau 2008

May 9th to June 4th.

Crew: Mike, Gillie, Jim Nicol (stoker extraordinaire)             Pictures are below

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We left the boat last October well covered with tarpaulins, the dehumidifier working all winter, together these measures have kept the boat dry.

Mike spent some of the winter in Mainz working on Eos.  The early part of the year he had to stay in a hotel for the first night as there was no water on the pontoons: the Yacht Club turns off water and drains down the pipes in case of freezing weather; also of course the boat is winterised and all tanks empty.

We had been depending on YC  facilities of shower and loo during the winter months, however the Club House suddenly had to be demolished in February which meant that Mike had to use the Gym facilities 200m away or the loos at the Hyatt hotel ( or a bucket ); we don’t know whether the Club will be able to rebuild here or will have to move. Pmn- they are re-building.

We now have a tiled galley, improved sewage system, drinking water filter, shower room and aft loo.  The dinghy looks smart too with a fitted blue cover.

We are a day or two late starting due to Mike cracking a rib on his last visit!  He slipped on some polythene and hit the very sharp corner of the table, big ouch.  Luckily our good friends Guido and Petra put him in touch with an excellent doctor.

Three busy days to go before the third part of our journey to the Black Sea.

SUNDAY 4 MAY 2008     Dreary in Liverpool    Brilliant sun in Basle

Left Liverpool, easyJet to Basle (no longer flights to Cologne), train to Mainz via change at Mannheim.  A young Swiss girl apologised for the lack of luggage space on airport bus, nice to know that even the Swiss don’t get everything right.  

Good supper at station Brasserie though slow coming due to a computer fault, I didn’t know they were anything to do with cooking.  Expensive wine.

Very comfy ICE train, very crowded from Mannheim.  Taxi from Mainz station to boat.


MON 5    Sunny and warm

A good sorting and unpacking day.  Bit of cleaning and bit of engine room work.

Supper on board after a quick drink with Guido in his newly tidied pretty back garden.  Emailing at Star Cafe.

Didn’t sleep a wink. White wine?!


TUE 6    Sunny and warm, slight breeze

Filled water tanks, washing and ironing.

I did a huge supermarket shop, bags so heavy I could hardly carry them and couldn’t find a taxi for ages. Like a hooligan I abandoned my trolley in the street and forfeited 1 euro.  Could only pay by credit card, hardly any shops take cheque/debit cards.

Must ask Petra about sugars and coffee and what do Germans use buttermilk for.  Quick visit to internet cafe.


WED 7     Sunny and warm

Cleaned topsides, decks etc - how one enjoys oneself!  Engine room works going apace in spite of Mike still feeling quite stiff and sore, not too good being bent up in the engine room.

Guido arrived to take Mike for afternoon drink, he must be bored after restaurant lunches are finished!!

Delicious supper at his restaurant, though not sure about white asparagus, we prefer our green “Formby” or Norfolk.


THUR 8     Sunny and warm

Nearly ready.  I went to Frankfurt airport to meet Jim Nicol from Australia who is staying with us for 4 weeks (a past RNR member of Eaglet).  Really good to see him again.

His heavy bag contains a very large pot of Vegemite, special bilge cleaner that a friend of his is hoping to market later in the year and he wants us to be guinea pigs, and his old RNR Engineer’s white overalls.

Last bit of shopping.

Guido came round again for afternoon drink but Mike too busy to go out and play. Called round to say goodbye to Mona at Zum Goldstein (the mother of Alexandra’s flatmate’s friend!), however she has left restaurant, we wrote a note, which we hope she will get. Earlyish night.

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